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Hey! I'm Andrei, a creator based in Houston, TX. I'm a freelance photographer & video creator, and make videos on my YouTube channel about creating content.

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I'm Andrei Restrepo

A photographer & video creator currently residing in Houston, TX with my beautiful wife and daughter. When I'm not working on gigs, I run a self-titled YouTube channel where I teach about photography, editing, video creating, and much more.


Tutorials on Photography, Videography, editing, and everything else in the creative space.

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Peak Creativity. 
1,000th post on Instagram, insane! If you remember this photo.. you’ve been here since the beginning! 😳 Crazy to think where this 7 year journey from getting my first $100 camera has come.  I find it wild to look back through my feed and see where it all started with the totally different type of photography I used to do, to now running a professional business. I called this post “Peak Creativity” because sometimes I look back and wonder if that was when I had reached my full creativity. While maybe my work isn’t exactly this now, it’s a business that provides for me and my family and that’s what matters the most. Change & growth are good things. And good things take time. Happy Friday friends! 🤙🏻
No one is you, and that is your power. ⚡️ 
Such an awesome session with @carospags shooting some cool content for her and her brand. Swipe for some awesome extras + BTS! 🤙🏻
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I keep my wardrobe pretty minimal. The less decisions I have to make in the morning for what I’m going to wear, the better. Whether it’s a stay at home editing day, or a full day of shooting, I want to keep things simple. I believe it’s better to spend more money on a few high end personal things that’ll last vs constantly buying cheap stuff to replace it over & over again, or have multiples of. What about you?? Similar or totally opposite? 🤔 Happy Monday! 🤙🏻
Today’s a very special day for a very special woman. 
I mean, just look at that smile!? 😍
Full transparency, 2021 was one of our most fulfilling and difficult years as a couple. No kidding when they said having a baby flips your world upside down. 🤪 Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so thankful for the family we are growing, for my amazing daughter, and my incredible wife. I know that the road ahead is filled with many more challenges we’ll have to face, but I’m certain we will overcome them and grow even stronger. I can’t wait to continue making more unforgettable memories with my girls. Happy birthday love! 🖤
Last week of 2021! 😳
About time right? 😆 For the last week of the year, I like to reflect on how this year went for me and my business and plan for the next. Do you set goals for next year? Interested to know what’s one of your main goals for 2022! 👇🏻 Also, how fricken cool is @larry.ayala5?? These shots were totally not planned and were just in the middle of a client shoot, sometimes spontaneous shots are the best! 🤙🏻
A few highlight images from this season’s photoshoots! 📸 
2 weeks left in 2021 and I’m done shooting for the year. Time to finish out some editing and continue planning for 2022. Big changes and different direction for the next year and I’m STOKED! ✌🏻
Family is everything. 🖤
Pro tip - the hustle can wait, take some time off and enjoy yourself with loved ones. 😁
Do Presets/LUTS actually work?! 
Over the course of my real estate shooting career i’ve fine tuned my editing to make it timeless, modern, and as easy as possible for my workflow. 
I’ve partnered with @moment to be offering up to 60% off of my real estate digital products this #BlackFriday2021! 🙌🏻

SWIPE to learn more about my presets + full breakdown video on my channel on how I use them! 💻

Sale runs though Dec 3rd, link in bio!⚡️
Same spot but different time of day. 🌅 
Swipe to the the daytime version of this + a video of me editing it with the newest Lightroom update using AI Masking! 🤯 Have your tried it? It’s insane. Should I share more BTS, editing tricks, anything else from my videos on here!? Let me know! Full video on my YT channel, link in bio! 🤙🏻


love these presets! 10/10 recommend!

- Jessica